A Qi Gong Perspective on Harmonizing Yin and Yang

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5 min readMay 7, 2024


On April 8th of 2024, the sun and moon aligned perfectly across parts of North America, bringing an eerie daytime darkness and incredible cosmic beauty. For millennia, cultures have revered the otherworldly allurement solar eclipses inspire.

Solar eclipses may be beautiful to look at, but according to Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, they also reflect important lessons about the balance of energy. In this blog, you’ll discover how solar eclipses can teach you how to harmonize your Yin and Yang energy, allowing you to experience greater joy, focus, peace, and inner balance.

The Aligning Of Yin And Yang

Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong recognize that there are two opposite yet interrelated energies that exist within all things. Hot and cold, light and dark, and action and rest are just a few examples of how any quality has an opposing counterpoint. This is at the very core of the concept of duality. In TCM and Qi Gong, these two energies are referred to as Yin and Yang.

The energies of Yin and Yang take many forms, and when they harmonize together, it’s always a special occasion. This is especially true when it happens on a cosmic scale.

In our solar system, the sun is the most Yang energy that exists. Nothing creates more light or heat than the sun in our solar system. Its light, heat, and gravitational force are essential for life on our planet.

Similarly, the moon is rich with Yin energy. It produces no light, and its surfaces are cold and barren. However, for life on Earth, the moon plays an essential role in regulating the rhythms of the natural world. In fact, it’s widely believed that land-based life would not exist on Earth if it wasn’t for the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull creates tides and tidal pools on the Earth’s surface, which allowed ocean creatures to slowly transition from sea to land during the early stages of evolution.

During a solar eclipse, the sun and moon align perfectly across parts of our planet. These rare occasions create an amazing display of symbiotic energy and power on a cosmic scale. When the moon moves in front of the sun, you can stare directly at both celestial bodies, taking in the sun and moon’s interwoven energies — ultimate Yin and ultimate Yang — in a single moment. Anyone who’s witnessed a solar eclipse can attest to the power and inspiration that is felt on a deep, energetic level.

Within humans, the harmonious blending of Yin and Yang may not create a planet-shattering moment, but it is still powerful nonetheless. When you’re able to follow the example of the solar eclipse, you experience a deep sense of peace, joy, and inspiration throughout your entire being.

How To Align Yin And Yang Within Yourself

As a human, to align and harmonize your Yin and Yang energy, it’s important to give both energies what they need.

Within yourself, both your Yin and Yang can be cultivated through specific habits and behaviors. Here are a few ways to strengthen these important and intrinsically interconnected parts of who you are. In doing so, you can align and harmonize your Yin and Yang, just like a solar eclipse.

Spend Time Alone

When you spend time alone in an intentional way, it fuels up your Yin energy.

Alone time allows you to let go of external stimulation and pay attention to your inward journey, which is where Yin energy flourishes. During your alone time, try to engage in activities you love, whether that’s hiking, dancing, creating art, doing Qi Gong, or any other activity that brings you close to yourself.

While alone time is certainly important, it can sometimes feel hard to find. In the busyness of everyday life, there are so many things that try to command your attention. Therefore, in order to consistently spend time with just yourself, you may need to plan it into your schedule. Getting up early in the morning is one great way for many people to get some alone time. Others prefer to set aside time in the afternoon or evening when their loved ones are busy. Just try to find a time that works with your schedule to recharge your Yin energy by yourself.

One of the wonderful things about spending time alone is that it can help you feel more confident and connected when it’s time to re-engage with loved ones.

Do Fun Activities with Loved Ones

Just as alone time helps boost your Yin energy, spending quality time with loved ones can help strengthen your Yang! Therefore, try to plan regular occasions to get out and have some fun with those you care about.

Positive external connections can boost your Yang, as well as your Heart energy. Getting outside and doing things that make you feel excited helps you feel alive and energized. If you can spend time in the sun, that will give your Yang energy an additional boost.

Reflect and Journal

Because your Yin energy thrives when you go inward, it’s important to spend time reflecting on your life and taking note of important lessons. Journaling is one way to really delve into your internal experience and excavate the treasures from your everyday experiences.

When you journal, try to get in touch with lessons from the past. Looking thoughtfully at your work, relationships, and meaningful experiences allows you to more fully digest and transform energy in a positive way. Similarly, spend some time writing down your dreams and aspirations for the future. This Yin process of internal reflection and journaling will help you take clearer and more decisive action in the external world (Yang).

Take Action to Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations

The counterpoint of internal reflection is action. Once you’ve established your intentions through your own internal process (Yin), it’s time to bring your intentions to fruition (Yang). This is where the harmonizing of Yin and Yang can truly take shape in a beautiful way.

Being clear and directed in your actions allows your Yang energy to flow and flourish. In your daily life, try to speak your mind, follow your intentions, and stay true to what you care about. By taking action and stepping into your own truth, you’re able to bring about the transformations that align with your dreams and aspirations.

Each of these activities helps support the others. Spending time alone allows you to be more present with loved ones, and going inward in reflection allows you to be more clear and directed in your external actions.

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