Five Benefits of Practicing ‘Postures of Power’

Holden QiGong
3 min readMay 9, 2023

Have you ever noticed that certain postures deplete your energy and cause pain?

Even though you may not think about your posture all the time, how you position your body has a significant role in all aspects of your well-being. This is because your physical posture directly impacts the state of your internal energy system. One clear example is slouching in your chair, which can quickly lead to back pain and even contribute to emotional fatigue.

In this blog, you’ll learn about an ancient practice known as Postures of Power and the profound benefits the practice offers.

What Is The “Postures Of Power Practice?”

Postures of Power is a transformative practice that focuses on aligning your physical body with the forces of nature. Doing so allows you to cultivate and channel energy (power!) throughout your entire body.

Postures of Power was developed by hunters who needed to stay quiet for long periods of time while hunting their prey. Not surprisingly, it was important for these hunters to be strong and full of vitality rather than fatigued and sore. Therefore, they developed specific postures that allowed them to cultivate power during their hunting trips.

Postures are an important part of many practices, including martial practices that are used for combat and self-defense. However, Postures of Power practices offer important benefits for everyone, even if you’re not interested in fighting or hunting.

Here are five key benefits that Postures of Power practices offer.

1. Feel More Energized

Postures of Power practices infuse your body with energy and vitality, helping you feel alive and inspired. By using certain postures, you can harness the energy of nature and cultivate it within yourself.

The energy you cultivate is completely pure and natural. This makes Postures of Power a great practice to turn to when you feel fatigued and need an extra boost. And unlike caffeine, you’ll never experience a crash later in the day when you’re done practicing.

2. Cultivate Better Physical Alignment

Postures of Power practices help you align your body with the forces of nature, not against them. This means you’re not putting unnecessary strain on certain ligaments or joints. Instead of fighting gravity, you learn how to let gravity be your ally.

Additionally, once you learn Postures of Power exercises, you can practice them at any time and place. Often, you don’t even need to change your activities. Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or having a conversation, you can silently cultivate excellent physical alignment wherever you are.

3. Experience Less Pain

A lot of pain in your body can result from improper physical alignment. Therefore, one of the direct benefits of cultivating better alignment is alleviating pain.

Postures help realign your body to release pain and experience more peace and comfort. This applies to joint pain, muscle, ligament, and tendon pain. It can be easy to position your weight unevenly or in the wrong place without even realizing it. After all, humans didn’t evolve to hunch over a desk for eight hours a day. Over time, unhealthy positions can lead to chronic pain.

4. Feel Emotionally Grounded And Centered

Postures of Power helps center your internal energy so you feel grounded within yourself. Instead of feeling controlled by a restless mind or anxious emotions, the practice empowers you to feel relaxed and at peace.

When you’re grounded and centered, it’s easy not to get caught up in others’ emotions or stories. If someone gets upset with you, you can address (or ignore) the situation without getting triggered or defensive. This creates a deep feeling of confidence and clarity as you navigate the world around you.

5. Connect To The Universe

When you practice the right postures, you can connect your energy to the energy of the entire universe. This allows you to channel the wisdom of the Tao and experience guidance from your higher power.

Connecting to the universe also creates a feeling of ‘oneness’ with the world. When you realize your interconnectedness with all things, many daily stressors fade from view. This relates to the feeling of ‘being centered’ and is an important part of staying true to your purpose in life.

If you’re interested in learning more practices for cultivating more energy and vitality, inclusing more standing postures, be sure to check out our Free Two-Week Qi Gong Trial.