Guided Medical Qi Gong Meditation

Your mind is one of your greatest tools for health and healing. Not only does it control your decisions, but it also has the ability to influence many of the processes that take place within your body. You can think of the mind as an orchestra conductor that commands all parts of your being to work in harmonious unison.

One of the most important ways that the mind works with your internal energy is through meditation. In this article, we’re going to share a brief guided meditation to help you bring healing energy to all parts of your mind and body.

It’s important to be in a calm environment so try to avoid places that are busy. A quiet room or your backyard are great choices. Also, nature can provide a wonderful atmosphere for meditation, so consider taking a little walk if that option is accessible to you.

After you’ve found a nice location, try to get into a comfortable position. Traditionally, this meditation is practiced sitting in a chair with your feet planted on the ground and your hands on your knees. However, if that position doesn’t feel right, just find one that works well for your body.

Once you’re in a peaceful location and comfortable position, close your eyes to start meditating. We suggest reading through these instructions a few times before you begin.

This meditation is based on ancient Buddha Palm Qi Gong practices.

Guided Meditation

Sit with your palms facing down and start to take slow, deep breaths. As you breathe, tune into the earth’s energy and feel the force of gravity pulling you towards the ground. Allow it to be a reminder that you’re always in relationship with the earth’s energy.

After a few moments, start to make yourself aware of how each part of your body is positioned relative to earth’s gravity. Try to stack each part of your body so that it is well supported and isn’t fighting against gravity. Finding alignment with gravitational forces will help you to feel deeply connected to its energy.

Now, start to focus on your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As you inhale, imagine your body taking in warm, nourishing energy from the earth. As you exhale, let go of any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you and let them fall to the earth. The earth is the source of Yin and can charge our body. Also, just as the ground decomposes organic matter and turns it into nutrient-rich soil, the earth can also transform negative energies into nourishing Qi. Try to feel yourself releasing negative energy to the earth with your exhale and gathering healing Qi on your inhale.

When you’re ready, turn your hands so they are facing up. Attune your mind to the energy of the universe above you. Feel the crown of your head connected to the wisdom of the universe and allow it to channel through you.

On your inhale, feel your mind taking in all the inspiration and magic that the cosmos holds. All of your dreams, passions, and ambitions can be inspired by the energy of the universe. Just allow your heart and mind to open up to the boundless possibilities and breathe in all the magic that exists within life and beyond. Feel the limitlessness of the cosmos, and remember that you’re a part of it.

After a few minutes, try to combine your awareness of the earth and universe. On your inhale, allow your mind to absorb the vastness of time and space that exists above you. On your exhale, feel rooted to the solid earth beneath your feet and let go of whatever doesn’t serve you.

Each inhale and exhale can reflect the movement of different energies. For example, maybe on one inhale you take in an abundance of love and gratitude for the relationships in your life. On your exhale, perhaps you can let go of toxic exergies from past relational experiences. Then, maybe on your next inhale you can absorb inspiration and creativity for your work and expression. On your exhale, you might want to let go of stagnant thought patterns or blocks in creativity. Each of us has our own goals as well as limiting beliefs, so just focus on whatever is true for you to cultivate or let go of.

As you continue practicing, try to feel the positive qualities of the earth and universe start to culminate in your lower abdomen. Inspiration, dreams, passion, and physical vitality all blend together to cultivate a rich and abundant state of wellbeing within you.

When you feel ready to complete your practice, put your hands over your lower abdomen and take a few deep breaths into your belly. Feel your energy center in your body while still staying connected to both heaven and earth. Remember that these two sources of limitless potential are always there for you.

This is an excellent meditation to help boost your energy or regain your inspiration when you’re feeling down. Also, it can be a great way to process emotionally difficult situations or decisions in life. Since the earth and universe contain immense wisdom, maintaining a strong connection can help you to feel clear, confident, and in alignment with your highest self.

If you enjoyed this brief practice and want to learn more Qi Gong meditations and exercises, be sure to check out Lee’s video classes by signing up for the free Two-Week Qi Gong Trial.




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