How Lee Holden Discovered His Purpose as a Qi Gong Teacher

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4 min readJan 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? When you know what your mission is, you experience a profound sense of clarity and peace. For Qi Gong master Lee Holden, his path to becoming a renowned teacher started long before he stepped in front of the camera and inspired students around the world. In fact, in the beginning, Qi Gong was merely an interesting practice he stumbled upon in college.

In this article, we discuss how Lee discovered his purpose as a Qi Gong teacher. We also share a simple way that you can experience the transformative benefits of Qi Gong for yourself.

Lee’s First Experiences With Qi Gong And Chinese Medicine

To understand why Lee is so passionate about Qi Gong, it’s important to understand his first experiences with the ancient practice. Like many members of the Holden QiGong community, Qi Gong wasn’t something that he sought out. Rather, it was presented to him as a way to heal his body.

In college, Lee was a soccer player on the prestigious U.C. Berkeley soccer team. It had been a dream of his to be on the team, and he was beyond thrilled to be picked as a starting player for his University. However, his excitement soon turned to frustration when he suffered a serious back injury during a soccer match which ended his season.

Like anyone in Lee’s position, he went to the doctor to seek treatment. Even though his western medical doctors were quite skilled, they were unable to address his pain and help him heal. In a moment of desperation, he decided to see an acupuncturist who was also a Qi Gong master.

After just one appointment with the acupuncturist, Lee could feel a significant reduction in pain. After several more appointments and some Qi Gong, it was clear that he had found the solution he was looking for. Miraculously, Lee was able to heal from his injury simply by seeing an acupuncturist who coupled acupuncture with Qi Gong exercises.

This initial experience with acupuncture and Qi Gong convinced him that he needed to learn more about Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. Although he didn’t know it at the time, his experience with his acupuncturist was the first step on a lifelong path of learning and practicing Qi Gong.

Pursuing The Path Of Qi Gong

During college, Lee had the privilege to connect with Mantak Chia, who further inspired him to pursue Qi Gong. As soon as Lee graduated, he started working as a bank teller to save money for his “continued education.”

After about five months of working at a bank, Lee quit his job and moved to Thailand to study Qi Gong with Mantak Chia. During this time, he also pursued one of the other branches of Chinese Medicine, massage therapy. On top of all that, Mantak Chia hired him as a ghostwriter for books he was working on. Needless to say, it was a busy time for young Lee as he pursued so many learning opportunities within the realm of Chinese Medicine.

Once he returned to Thailand, Lee started teaching Qi Gong and doing massage at a local recreation center. At first, he saw it primarily as a way to pay the bills and reinvest in his Qi Gong education. Soon, however, he realized that teaching others fulfilled in a way that nothing else could.

Finding Meaning Through Serving Others

As Lee continued teaching Qi Gong, he noticed that many of his students experienced profound transformations through the practice, just like he did in his first acupuncture appointments. Some students came to his classes with an injury and were able to find relief through the exercises he shared. Other students who suffered from chronic stress were able to completely transform their energy and experience peace and relaxation.

The more positive transformations Lee witnessed, the more inspired he became to continue sharing Qi Gong. Even though each student is unique, Lee learned that almost everyone can benefit from more energy and less stress in their lives. In many cases, students with severe physical ailments were able to experience profound transformations, even when they felt that western medicine had failed them.

As Lee gained more experience and knowledge, more and more students came to learn from him. Then, around 2017 he reconnected with colleagues who were able to help him channel his classes into powerful online learning experiences. This made his teachings accessible to tens and even hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

Although Lee continues to take new steps each and every day, it’s safe to say that he’s discovered his true purpose as a Qi Gong teacher. It’s a practice that enables him to help others in deep and profound ways. As he points out, it feels amazing to be able to help people unlock their own inner potential.

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