How to Build Community Around Qi Gong

Holden QiGong
4 min readNov 21, 2023


Do you ever feel alone in your Qi Gong practice?

Although Qi Gong is becoming more popular, it’s still not as mainstream as yoga, meditation, or other forms of exercise. This can leave many Qi Gong students feeling isolated or alone in their Qi Gong practice.

We all know that human connection is important. When you’re able to share Qi Gong with others, there’s a certain synergy you experience. It’s like the benefits of Qi Gong are magnified through the collective energy of your ‘Qi Gong community.’ Essentially, Qi Gong is just more enjoyable with others.

In this blog, we’ll share three great ways to build community around Qi Gong. By implementing these tips, you can cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded people.

Host Your Own Practice Parties

Every Qi Gong practitioner loves to share Qi with fellow students, so why not create a space to do exactly that?

Hosting your own practice party is a wonderful way to bring practitioners together! It creates a space with a clear direction and intention that every practitioner can appreciate. And it’s easy to say “yes” to such an invitation because it doesn’t require much preparation or effort. All your guests need to do is show up and practice.

There are several different ways to offer a guided Qi Gong practice. If you’re a Qi Gong teacher or have a lot of experience practicing, you could offer to guide the practice yourself. However, not everyone may feel up to the challenge of leading a practice session, so fortunately, there are alternative paths you can take.

At Holden QiGong, we offer a wide variety of Qi Gong routines and classes you can stream online. For example, our YouTube channel provides numerous free routines in addition to all of the products and programs offered on our website. Simply choose a practice from our library, set up your computer, and invite your friends over to practice with you.

Host an Online Practice Party

If you’re not able to host a practice party in person, you can host online. This is what we do for many of our courses at Holden QiGong.

To host an online practice party, you’ll need to choose an online meeting platform such as Zoom. Then, create a meeting and send your guests the invite link. At the beginning of your practice party, start the routine on your computer and share your screen through Zoom. This will allow everyone to practice together online.

Start Or Join A Qi Gong Book Club

Starting or joining a Qi Gong book club is another great way to connect with fellow practitioners and cultivate community. When you get together and share ideas, relationships flourish.

There are many excellent books out there about Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. If you want some ideas, check out Lee Holden’s Top 10 TCM Book Recommendations. Collectively, these books will teach you many important Qi Gong and TCM principles, allowing you to enjoy even more benefits from the ancient practice.

If you want to take things a step further, you can combine your book club with a practice party. For example, spend the first thirty to sixty minutes discussing your chosen book, followed by a specific Qi Gong routine that embodies the lessons you just discussed. By integrating intellectual knowledge with felt experience, you’ll absorb even more wisdom through your practice. Of course, you can also host a book club in person or online.

Join The Holden QiGong Facebook Group

Another wonderful way to cultivate community is to join the Holden QiGong Facebook Group. In the group, you’ll find thousands of like-minded individuals who gather together to celebrate everything Qi Gong has to offer.

The Facebook group includes members from all walks of life and experience levels. From beginners to certified qi gong teachers and everyone in between, your experience level doesn’t matter; as long as you enjoy qi gong, you’ll find community and support wherever you’re at.

When you join the group, you’ll notice that members share experiences and ask questions relating to Qi Gong, and others respond and contribute their thoughts. It’s like a melting pot of wisdom seekers on a similar journey of self-discovery and growth. Not to mention, when you join the group, you’ll be one of the first ones to know whenever we offer a new workshop, course, or other Qi Gong learning opportunity.

Check out the Holden QiGong Facebook Group to discover a rich and vibrant Qi community ready to welcome you in.