How to Harness the Energy of Spring to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Spring: The Season For Personal Empowerment

Spring Empowerment Exercise

  1. Vision: Take the first piece of paper and write “My Vision” at the top. Then, write down everything you want to create in your life. These can be small things like flossing your teeth more often or can be grand ambitions related to your work or relationships.
  2. You can do this as a free-form journal entry in paragraph form, or create bullets that are clear and concise. These are the outcomes you want to realize in various areas of your life. What are your health goals? Relationship goals? Career goals? Parenting goals? Try to make them clear and easy to understand.
  3. As you write, seek to really be in touch with yourself and let go of any limiting beliefs. Find your source of strength and confidence and don’t worry about your vision sounding “realistic.” Remember, what is realistic is largely based on what you believe is possible. Therefore, seek to write down your goals based on what your truest self longs for.
  4. Limiting Beliefs and Obstacles: Once you’ve clearly defined your vision, it’s time to identify your inner obstacles and barriers that have been preventing you from achieving what you want. Next to each vision, write whatever obstacle(s) are in your way. These might be things like, “I doubt myself,” or “I get distracted by things that aren’t important.” Sometimes, one vision may have several obstacles. Similarly, one obstacle may apply to many different visions. Remember, we all have our limiting beliefs, so try not to judge yourself for yours.
  5. Life-Affirming Beliefs: Once you’ve written down your visions and obstacles, go through your list of obstacles and write a life-affirming sentence that overcomes each obstacle. Using the first example above, a life-affirming belief might be “I believe in myself to achieve whatever I want.” For the second obstacle, your life-affirming statement could be “I believe I can and will stay focused on the things that are important to me.”

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