Lee Holden’s Recommendations for Harnessing the Gifts of Summer

Holden QiGong
4 min readJun 9, 2022


Summer is the time to realize your dreams and celebrate life! As the sun shines bright, so too can inspiration and love within your heart.

In Qi Gong, we recognize that each season has unique gifts to share with us. Fall teaches us about letting go and creating space. Winter invites us to go inward and reflect. Spring allows us to cultivate creativity and our vision for the future. And Summer is about taking action and manifesting our truths.

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As we enter the year’s warmest months, we decided to share Lee’s recommendations for harnessing the miraculous gifts of the summer season.

Turning Ideas into Action

Although each season has its own unique energies, they are all entwined with one another. Therefore, to understand the gifts of one season, it’s important to understand the others.

For example, the plants that come to life in spring would not be able to flourish without the spring rains and the winter snow. Similarly, the vibrancy of nature in summer is a direct result of the new life from spring.

In a previous article, we talked about how spring is the time for ideas, vision, and creativity. Just as nature is giving birth to new life, as humans we can use our imagination and creative potential to bring new ideas into the world.

As we transition to summer, it’s time to take all of your ideas and turn them into reality in the external world.

To turn your ideas into actions, it’s important to pay attention to the vision you have for yourself. What do you want in your relationships? Are there any work goals you want to accomplish? What about activities that you want to try?

Allow your creativity and vision to guide your actions.

In your personal life, this might mean going on adventures or trips that you planned back in spring. In your work life, the energy of action might be expressed by starting a new project that you’ve been thinking about for a while. Within relationships, you can use the energy of summer to become closer to those you care about.

In romantic relationships, summer is an especially important time of the year. If spring is the time to envision what kind of connection you want to experience with your romantic partner, summer is the time to focus on cultivating that connection.

Harnessing Yang Energy

Summer is associated with Yang energy and the Fire Element. When the sun is bright and the days are long, the earth is rich with Yang energy.

For humans, Yang energy is all about taking action and expressing yourself. Yang is the energy within you that drives you to speak up and do things. When you can direct your Yang energy in positive ways, you can accomplish great things.

The Fire Element is connected to love and joy. When the Fire Element is strong within you, it’s easy to feel grateful and appreciative of those around you.

To harness the gifts of summer, it’s important to allow Yang energy and the Fire Element to channel through you. To do this, Lee recommends creating positive and joyful experiences with loved ones.

There are many different activities you can choose from to celebrate with those you care about. Going to the beach, hiking, biking, and swimming are all great ways to harness the gifts of summer.

Celebrating with those you care about doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you. Laughing, smiling, and playing games elevates your heart Qi and circulates rich, vital energy throughout all parts of your body.

In addition to cultivating love, joy, and harmony, the season of summer also invites lovers to bring more passion and connection into their relationships. Not only does passion create a feeling of excitement and aliveness, but it also helps to elevate each individual’s personal wellbeing.

To welcome the opportunity to connect more deeply with your romantic partner, it’s often a great idea to plan fun and playful activities together. Again, there are limitless ways to connect and celebrate, so just try to create whatever positive experiences you both desire.

Of course, another wonderful way to harness the gifts of summer is to practice Qi Gong exercises that focus on cultivating love, joy, and abundance…

On-Demand Qi Gong for Summer Workshop

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