Lee’s 3 Recommendations for Springtime Activities

Holden QiGong
5 min readMar 31, 2022

Spring is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and allow growth to flourish. In nature, the energies of transformation and rebirth are unfolding everywhere in miraculous and beautiful ways. Whether you walk through a field or sit in the forest, signs of new life can be felt all around.

As a part of nature, humans can harness the energy of spring to enjoy the season’s gifts in our own lives. Our relationships, health, and work can all be benefited by welcoming the many lessons that Springtime has to offer.

In this article, we share three activities that Lee recommends for channeling the season’s gifts.

  1. Spend Time in Nature

There is no better place to cultivate the gifts of Springtime than in the beauty of nature.

Immersing yourself in nature allows you to fully absorb the energy of the season. When you step into a forest or field during Spring, there’s a feeling of aliveness and expansiveness that shines through you. The energy you feel in nature is the same energy that leads to creativity and inspiration in other parts of your life as well.

There are many different activities you can choose to do in nature. For Lee, he chooses to spend his nature time mountain biking through the forests in Santa Cruz. He loves pedaling up hills, coasting down mountains, and feeling the fresh air brush past his skin as he rides next to streams.

Once he finds himself deep in the forest, he stops riding, puts down his bike, and practices Qi Gong. Far away from the busyness of daily life, he’s able to fully relax into the eternal flow of the natural world.

Others may prefer hiking along forest walking paths. There is something very peaceful about slowing down and being able to appreciate each step along the way, and walking allows you to do exactly that.

There are many wonderful activities to do in nature so just try to find one that feels right for you. Once you’re surrounded by plants and animals, just pay attention to their energy and allow it to fill you with nourishing Springtime Qi.

  1. Harness Your Creative Potential

Just as nature is fresh with newborn fauna and blooming flora during the Spring, you too can express your own creativity in whatever way you feel called to.

Creativity can take many forms. It can mean exploring new ways of expressing yourself through writing, poetry, music, or art. Or, it can mean embarking on an endeavor in your work and professional life. There are limitless ways in which creativity can manifest, and each of us has our own unique way of channeling that energy.

When engaging in creative pursuits, Lee recommends removing all limiting beliefs and allowing your mind to dream fully. Instead of feeling confined to any boundaries, you might have experienced in the past, let your ambitions soar as you envision your ultimate version of reality.

This year, Lee is harnessing the energy of Spring to help him write a new book (stay tuned for updates). Also, he’s working on an audio series of children’s meditations, as well as thinking about how to create a big, live event once Covid is over to help people reconnect and share Qi. For Lee, channeling the creative energy of Spring is an important part of helping him bring his ideas to life.

Creativity doesn’t need to be limited to work. The energy of Spring can also be harnessed to infuse your relationships with renewed intention and love. Perhaps, there’s a special person with whom you can choose to grow. Or maybe, there’s a relationship that could use some transformational energy in order to flourish more vibrantly. Where there is room for change, the gifts of Spring can be channeled for great progress.

  1. Let Go Of That Which Doesn’t Serve You

Part of transformation requires letting go of the past.

In Spring, snow melts and transforms into water, which nourishes plants and animals. For humans, we too must learn how to let go and allow transformation to take place within us.

Like creativity, the process of letting go can take many forms. Sometimes, it means leaving one job in order to make room for another. At others, it means releasing old thought patterns so new inspiration can take hold. In a way, creativity and rebirth are always accompanied by the process of letting go.

Often, humans don’t want to let go, which is a big part of the reason we hold onto dysfunctional thought patterns or behaviors. Even when something doesn’t serve us, it’s easy to grasp onto whatever is familiar.

Sometimes, the process of letting go is subtle and barely even noticed. For example, taking action means letting go of inaction. Embracing inspiration means releasing the mundane. Entering a healthy romantic partnership means leaving behind the solitude of single life. Most of these examples of letting go are positive and aren’t even thought of as “letting go.”

At other times, letting go is a deeply painful and difficult experience. One clear example is ending a romantic relationship that is no longer right for both people. Although quite challenging, such transitions can lead to immense creativity and growth.

Each of us has our own areas in which we need to learn how to let go. Whatever yours may be, Springtime provides you with the opportunity to reflect, release, and then welcome the abundance that surrounds you.

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