New Years “Micro” Resolutions for a Qi Filled 2022

Holden QiGong
5 min readDec 29, 2021


The new year is a time to welcome the power of transformation! Whatever it is that you’re seeking to create in your life, you can look forward to new opportunities and possibilities in 2022. On New Year’s Day, people around the world spend time reflecting on the past and moving forward into the future for a renewed vision.

Each of our paths is unique and important. Wherever you’re at along your journey, you can take this day to reorient yourself towards the goals you want to manifest.

While we all have different New Year’s resolutions, there are some resolutions that would probably be helpful for everyone. Therefore, we thought we’d take this occasion to share a few commitments that you can make to yourself to help you enjoy as much Qi as possible in 2022. These aren’t meant to replace your own goals or aspirations. Rather, they are just some additional resolutions that you can add to whatever else you’re pursuing in the new year. More than likely, these pearls of wisdom from Lee will greatly benefit all of your other resolutions as well.

Each of these resolutions includes something that you can stop doing, as well as a new habit that you can start doing.

Your Morning

Refrain from checking your email or social media immediately when you wake up. When you start your day looking at a screen, you immediately shift into a mindset of reacting to the world around you. You also are more likely to feel stress and anxiety about all of the tasks that lie before you. For most of us, our minds are more vulnerable during the first few minutes of the day. If you immediately allow your senses to be bombarded by outside stimuli, you’re less likely to be centered and composed as you go about your daily activities.

Instead, cultivate a morning practice that helps you to start the day with energy and clarity! In general, people who are successful usually have morning practices to help them find focus and direction. If you feel that your time is in short supply in the mornings, it’s okay for your practice to be simple. Even just dedicating a few minutes to drink tea by yourself, do a brief Qi Gong practice, or meditate can make a huge difference.

The important thing is to find a routine that helps you to stay centered and grounded as you go about your day. If you don’t already have a stable morning routine, perhaps try a few different activities and reflect on how you feel after. For Lee, he starts his days with a few minutes of deep breathing, Qi Gong, meditation, and drinking tea.

After you find a morning practice that works well for you, you’ll notice a significant difference in your level of confidence and directedness as you go about your day. Instead of reacting to outside events, you’ll be operating in a way that is true to your own intentions and agenda. The result is greater internal harmony, improved productivity, and reduced stress.

Your Day

Don’t sit at your computer for more than one hour without taking a break: Previously, we’ve discussed how sitting in a chair is one of the worst positions for your body. Prolonged sitting creates tension in your back and drains your energy. If you live in the west, it might be difficult to stop sitting completely, but there are things you can do to reduce the depletion and soreness that sitting can cause.

Take frequent “Qi” breaks, and enjoy nature each day: If you must sit at a desk, Lee suggests that you set a timer for about 50 minutes. At the end of 50 minutes, stand up and move your body. Perhaps, take five minutes to get a drink of water and step outside. Or, do a couple of minutes of Qi Gong at your desk. Knocking on the Door of Life is an excellent Qi Gong exercise that awakens your internal energy so you don’t get too stagnant during your workday.

In addition to taking frequent “Qi” breaks, dedicate a period of time to get outside and enjoy nature. Lee suggests committing to spend at least fifteen minutes soaking in the beauty of the natural world each day. If it fits into your morning practice, perhaps take a walk in your neighborhood to enjoy the sounds of nature. A simple walk outside is also a great way to process the day’s events and let go of stress, making it an excellent activity to enjoy in the evening also. Whatever works well for your schedule is great, just do your best to be consistent with your “nature time” routine.

Your Evening

Turn off technology one hour before your bedtime: This one is pretty straightforward. Phones, computers, and TVs bombard your senses with light and sound, making it more difficult for your mind to relax and fall asleep when you get into bed. Just like it’s a wise idea to start your day by going inward, it’s equally nourishing to finish your day with some personal time as well. Turning off technology an hour before bed can go a long way in helping you let go of stress, focus your mind, and prepare your body for a restful night of sleep.

Cultivate an evening routine: The evening is an important time to process your day and cultivate the energy you wish to take forward with you into your sleep. If you have time, try to do a few minutes of Qi Gong to let go of stress and relax your mind. Lee also suggests doing a brief gratitude meditation. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and thinking about the things you’re grateful for in the day you just completed. Bringing your attention to the people and experiences that are meaningful to you is an amazing way to bring your full being into a positive and relaxed state.

Finding the routines that work well for you requires knowing yourself and trying different practices.

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