Qi Gong for Beginners

Holden QiGong
5 min readJun 17, 2021


Unlike yoga, Qi Gong is still at a relatively early stage of adoption in the west. Despite its powerful and transformative potential for the human body, many people haven’t even heard of Qi Gong.

This blog post will introduce students to the ancient practice and provide an in-depth discussion of how it can help you in all aspects of your daily life. If you have any friends or family members who you’d like to introduce to Qi Gong, sharing this blog post with them is a perfect way to introduce them to the beautiful practice! Whether you’re seeking to cultivate your mind, body, or emotions, Qi Gong can play an important role in helping you show up as your best self.

Starting With The Basics

What is Qi Gong? The simplest answer is that it’s a practice for less stress and more energy. If this is something you could benefit from, read on!

Have you ever thought about what keeps you alive? We all know that humans have organs to carry out the many functions of the human body, but what is the animating force that allows the body to work? Neither western medicine nor western science has an answer to what keeps us alive or how it all started. Even the most accomplished doctor will admit that western medicine has no idea about the fundamental source of the human heartbeat.

In Qi Gong, we work with the energy within us that fuels who we are. “Qi” means energy. We use the word “Qi” to refer to the essential life force energy that flows within all living things. Qi is seen as vitally important in Chinese Medicine and is the energy that circulates throughout us in pathways that we refer to as meridians. There is nothing mystical about Qi, although what keeps you alive is very mysterious.

“Gong” means “to work with.” So “Qi Gong,” essentially means “to work with the energy of the body.”

Qi Gong And Western Medicine

Qi Gong is a human-centered approach to health and vitality and is based on the understanding that each person can access their own inner essence. Mind, body, and spirit are not entities that are detached from our point of consciousness, but rather are who we are at our very core. In Qi Gong, we work with the various energies within us to intentionally cultivate our best self.

Western medicine views the body a bit differently. Instead of focusing on the bio-energetics of the body, western medicine emphasizes the biomechanics. For example, you’ll hear western medical doctors talk about the cardiovascular system, digestive system, circulatory system, and so forth. This way of viewing the body is somewhat similar to how we might view the appliances in our house. Each physical organ has a role to help move the body forward. This view can be valuable but it is not the whole picture.

In Qi Gong, we focus on the electrical system that powers our appliances. We examine the power lines that run throughout the house and make sure that there are no blockages that might prevent the flow of energy to all the essential components of our home.

In the human body, stress and tension can cause our energy (Qi) to stop circulating in our internal meridian pathways. When this happens, we can feel tired and depleted. If energy blockages continue and are not cared for, our internal organs can suffer, just as a washing machine stops working when the power line is severed.

Qi Gong teaches us a skill set to work with our energy and ensure it continues to circulate to all parts of our body. At first, your experience of Qi may be subtle. Maybe you’ll just notice a slight tingling in your fingers or a release of tension in your neck and shoulders. However, as your practice progresses you’ll learn how to transform strong emotions and bring vitality to all parts of your body.

Who Practices Qi Gong?

Although a majority of the world’s Qi Gong practitioners live in China, Qi Gong is practiced by people of all nationalities and backgrounds all around the world. In fact, Qi Gong is the most widely practiced form of exercise on earth with more than eighty million people practicing every day.

One of the wonderful things about Qi Gong is that there are practices that can work for every person, regardless of their age or physical abilities. With over three thousand different kinds of Qi Gong to choose from, the practice can be used for almost any intention.

Another great quality of Qi Gong is that it satisfies many of our essential needs. Instead of doing one activity for strength, another for flexibility, and yet another for meditation, Qi Gong allows us to cultivate all parts of ourselves in a single practice. This makes it a great opportunity for those who have limited time.

Additionally, Qi Gong can be practiced in any location and inside or outside. Also, Qi Gong offers practices that can be done while sitting, standing, or lying. As such a diverse and expansive practice, each person can find a routine that works with their individual timeframe, whether that be seven minutes or three hours.

Introduction To Qi Gong

At Holden QiGong, we know that it can be difficult to pick up a new habit and run with it. Even if we’re interested in something new, it can be hard to dedicate the time and energy needed to learn and grow, especially if you don’t have a clear path forward.

That’s why we’ve put together a special program designed specifically for new practitioners. Lee’s 30 Day Challenge gives students the opportunity to experience Qi Gong by practicing just seven minutes a day for thirty days. Time is our most valuable resource, and by delivering the essence of the ancient practice in just seven minutes, new students are able to experience the magic of Qi Gong without committing a lot of time or energy to it.

Seven minutes is also the amount of time it takes to really drop in and experience the benefits of the practice. By committing to such a short period of time to practice each day it becomes easy to start building a healthy habit that students can grow from.

After thirty days, many students realize they no longer need to discipline themselves to keep practicing. Many decide to explore more of Lee’s programs, workshops, or immersions. Regardless of your level of interest in Qi Gong, the 30 Day Challenge is a perfect way to meet Lee, learn about the practice, and experience some Qi.

This is also an amazing gift to give to friends or family. By passing this along to those you care about you’re imparting a beautiful opportunity that could enhance someone’s life forever.

It’s amazing how powerful just seven minutes of daily practice can be. Click here to learn more and experience the benefits of Qi Gong for yourself.