Qi Gong Tips for Traveling (+ 5-Minute “Airport Routine”)

Holden QiGong
4 min readDec 19, 2023

Do you ever find that traveling takes a toll on your body?

As fun and exciting as traveling might be, it’s important to recognize the challenges that being on the road can bring. It’s certainly difficult to enjoy your adventures if you arrive at your destination feeling tired, depleted, and in physical pain because you sat too long! Fortunately, the principles and practice of Qi Gong can offer some powerful tools to keep you fresh and energized while you explore our beautiful world.

In this blog, you’ll learn three practical Qi Gong tips for maintaining health and vitality while traveling. You’ll also learn a simple, five-minute airport routine designed specifically for long flights or car rides.

Qi Gong Tips For Traveling

Since traveling tends to pull you away from your daily routine, it’s important to be intentional when navigating the world when you’re on the road. When you take care of your personal needs, it’s easier to fully enjoy and appreciate the new experiences you encounter.

Here are three simple tips based on Qi Gong principles that can help you feel your best while moving from A to B.

Make it a priority to eat healthy food.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find healthy food while traveling. Airports and other transit hubs are notorious for their lack of nutritious food options, which can get you started on a defeating cycle of poor eating habits.

To avoid this pitfall, it’s wise to plan ahead and pack a healthy meal before leaving your home. Not only will this help you maintain an intentional diet, but it will also save some funds.

Take breaks and spend time alone.

Traveling can be overwhelming, especially if you spend a lot of time with others. Visiting family and friends can be fun but can also lead to social fatigue. Therefore, it’s important to dedicate “YOU” time so you can relax and recharge. Sometimes, this might require skipping certain activities or setting aside a few hours throughout the day to do something by yourself or with your partner.

Move your body.

Exercise and movement are always an important part of your daily routine, but this can be especially true when traveling. Without sufficient physical movement, your energy can easily become stagnant within your body.

There are many enjoyable ways to move your body, including Qi Gong. And one of the wonderful things about Qi Gong is that you can do it anywhere! All you need is a few minutes and knowledge of the right practices.

As promised, here is a five-minute airport Qi Gong routine. It’s perfect before getting on a plane, train, bus, or long car ride. Below, we’ve provided the video lesson and written instructions for the routine.

5-Minute Qi Gong Airport Routine

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Try to relax your body and take a few deep breaths. When you’re ready, you can begin the first exercise in this routine: Spinal Cord Breathing.

Spinal Cord Breathing

Make light, loose fists with your hands and bring them near your chest. Then, inhale as you move your hands up and outward. As you inhale, bring your head up toward the sky and move your tailbone back. Your spine should have a gentle arc.

Once you’re at the top of your inhale, slowly exhale slowly as you bring your head and hands downward. Tuck your tailbone in so your body is arched forward. Then, inhale again and repeat this movement several times.

On your inhale, look to the sky and arch your back. On your exhale, bring your head and arms down, tuck your tailbone, and curl your body forward. After a few more rounds, move on to the next exercise.

This exercise loosens up your back and circulates energy in your spine.

The Tiger

For The Tiger, bring your hands in front of your chest and make loose ‘tiger paws.” Inhale slowly, and then on your exhale, bring your hands down and bend your knees to a point that’s comfortable for you. Then, push your feet into the ground and stand back in an upright position. Continue this movement several times.

On your last movement, try to stay down with your knees bent and put your elbows against your inner thighs, giving yourself a nice stretch.

This is a wonderful exercise for circulating energy through your legs and releasing tension in your lower back.

Wave the Spine

Next, stand upright and start to “wave your spine.” To do this, bend forward slightly from your waist and slowly stand back upright, letting your spine follow in a wavelike movement. As you do this movement, your chin should move in a circular motion.

Do this exercise several times. Try to focus on doing it as a slow, flowing movement. This exercise is great for stretching all of the joints in your neck and spine.

Qi Massage

Stand upright and make light, loose fists. Tap your lower back gently, moving your hands up and down slightly as you tap. Continue this tapping exercise for another minute or so. This is a wonderful exercise for activating your Qi and helping your internal energy stay strong and vital.

If you enjoyed this brief routine and want to discover more great Qi Gong practices, be sure to check out our Free Two-Week Qi Gong Trial.