The Two-Week Trip That Inspired Lee Holden to Become a Healer

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4 min readMay 2, 2023

Have you ever had a poignant experience that changed the direction of your life? Maybe it was a course you took in college, an impactful conversation with a stranger, or a place you visited long ago. Whatever it was, such experiences can play a significant role in determining your path in life.

In this blog, we share a powerful story about how a two-week trip in Thailand inspired Lee Holden to become a healer. Like many life-changing events, Lee had no idea at the time that the experience would stay with him forever.

Lee’s Time In Thailand

In his twenties, Lee spent considerable time traveling the world and learning from different teachers. One of his important mentors was Mantak Chia, who Lee studied with in Thailand.

Lee’s time in Thailand was transformative in many ways. First of all, practicing with Mantak Chia allowed him to learn numerous practices directly from a true master. Lee even had the opportunity to help write some of Mantak’s books, including one about Tao Yin.

Additionally, being in Thailand provided Lee with a rich cultural experience and access to new practices. During a two-week break, he decided to explore a hill tribe village where a unique opportunity was taking place. Lee had heard that a renowned master of Thai massage was planning to teach a course there.

Lee didn’t know what to expect, but he packed his bag and traveled to the rural village. Lee has always loved being in nature and he felt right at home in the peaceful mountain environment. Every morning, Lee would hike to a beautiful vista to watch the sunrise and do Qi Gong. During the day, he would absorb everything he could about Thai massage.

Discovering The Power Of Thai Massage

At this point, twenty-five-year-old Lee was already a dedicated Qi Gong practitioner, but there were still a lot of practices he hadn’t yet explored. As soon as he delved into Thai Massage, he knew he had just discovered an incredibly powerful healing modality.

When Lee received Thai Massage, he could feel his meridian pathways opening and energy flowing through him. It was like opening the dam on a river and seeing vitality and nourishment circulate throughout his body. Lee knew his practice went hand-in-hand with the Qi Gong exercises he had already learned.

Lee’s Thai massage teacher quickly saw that he had a gift and helped him cultivate it during the two-week course in the hill tribe village. When Lee massaged others, he could attune his mind to his patient’s energy. It didn’t take him long to be able to identify and remove blockages.

In addition to gaining a powerful new skill, Lee felt grateful that the experience also uplifted the village. All of the proceeds from the course were reinvested back into the village for building infrastructure to reduce their reliance on opium production, which was an important element of the local economy.

By the end of the two-week course, Lee knew that he wanted to be a healer and a Qi Gong teacher. He also knew that the two practices would fuel one another and help him serve his students and patients on a deeper level.

After leaving the hill tribe village, Lee continued to practice Thai massage and expand his knowledge. It even helped him earn an income during his travels.

Lee went on to travel extensively in Southeast Asia. Thai massage often helped him cover his expenses and get to his next destination. When he returned to the United States, it also became an important healing practice he could offer to others.

Today, Lee primarily focuses on teaching Qi Gong since it allows him to serve thousands of students during each class. However, the awareness and energy sensitivity he cultivated from Thai massage underpins every Qi Gong lesson he offers.

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