Two Simple Qi Gong Postures to Boost Your Internal Energy

Holden QiGong
5 min readOct 3, 2023

What if you could “plug in” to an immediate source of energy? Similar to how you plug your cell phone into a power outlet at home? Well, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qi Gong, you have that same ability within yourself. In this blog, we’ll show you how.

TCM and Qi Gong recognize that the earth and universe offer an abundance of energy. By using specific practices, you can connect to that limitless field of potential and use it to “charge up” your internal life-force energy (Qi), making you feel more alert, energized, and inspired in everyday life.

In this blog, you’ll learn two simple yet powerful Qi Gong postures designed to infuse your mind and body with vital Qi. You’ll also learn two warm up practices to activate your energy and remove lines of tension.

Below, we’ve provided written instructions for the exercises and a ten-minute video.

Knocking On The Door Of Life

Knocking on the Door of Life is a wonderful exercise designed to activate your internal energy so it can flow more freely. In fact, this is a great exercise to start any Qi Gong practice.

Start by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Then, rotate from your hips and your waist. Relax your upper body and let your hands swing gently from side to side as you rotate.

When you’re fully rotated, tap your lower back with one hand and allow your opposite hand to tap on your lower abdomen. When you rotate in the other direction, your opposite hand will tap on each point.

Tapping on these two points wake ups your Jing Qi, which is your physical and sexual energy in your Lower Tan Tien. Continue rotating and tapping on these two points for a few minutes until you feel your energy becoming alive and awakened. When you’re ready, relax your hands by your sides and move on to the next exercise.

Spreading The Feathers

With your feet still shoulder width apart, press your hands down and open the palms of your hands. In this posture, your arms and hands are fully extended, like a bird spreading its feathers.

Then, with your back straight, move your head toward one of your shoulders. You should feel a gentle stretch on the opposite side of your neck. For example, when you move your head toward your right shoulder, you should feel a gentle stretch on the left side of your neck, and vice versa.

When your head is over toward one of your shoulders, move it gently forward and back. As you move your head, you should feel the stretching sensation along various parts of your neck and down your arm.

After a minute or two, reverse sides, move your head to your opposite shoulder, and gently forward and back to create a gentle stretch along the opposite side of your neck and down your arm.

This a wonderful exercise for releasing lines of tension in your neck, shoulders, and arms. By releasing stress and tension from those parts of your body, your energy can flow more freely throughout your meridian pathways.

Lower Embracing The Tree

Now that you’ve activated your internal energy and removed lines of tension, it’s time to do some standing postures. These posture exercises really help you plug into the abundance of energy all around you, allowing you to get a quick boost of energy whenever you need it.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Bring your hands up in front of you and curve them into a hugging position at waist level as if you’re embracing a tree.

Keep your elbows away from your ribs so your arms support their own weight. Feel as though the back of your hands are resting on water.

Once you feel comfortable in this position, take slow, deep breaths through your nose. Imagine that your legs are like the roots of a tree, absorbing vital nutrients from the earth below. Imagine your torso as the trunk of a tree, standing upright and channeling vitality from your connection to the earth. Imagine that your arms are the branches of a tree, taking in sunlight and energy from the sun’s rays above you.

Together, all parts of your body are existing in harmony with nature, channeling the universe’s energy to charge up your mind and body. Continue taking slow, deep breaths, and hold this posture for a couple of minutes. When you’re ready, you’re going to make a slight adjustment.

Upper Embracing The Tree

Stay in the same Embracing the Tree Posture, but bring your arms up slightly so they’re now in front of your chest.

Continue taking slow, deep breaths through your nose. On your inhale, imagine you’re taking in fresh, vital energy from the world around you. On your exhale, visualize that energy circulating through your body and charging every cell within you.

Keep holding that posture as you breathe, and feel your feet melting into sand, like the roots of a tree burying themselves in the earth. Send some awareness through your feet and feel your innate connection to the ground below you. On each inhale, feel the crown of your head extend upward as it connects to the heavenly Qi above you.

Feel the pores of your skin on your arms open to receive the energy of the universe. Continue breathing, visualizing yourself being charged up by the abundance of Qi that the universe offers. From below, energy flows upward from the earth and culminates within your lower abdomen. From above and all around you, energy pours in through your arms and blends with the earth’s energy from below. Feel that energy flowing and circulating throughout your body.

Continue doing this exercise for a few minutes. When you’re ready, bring your feet together, place your hands over your lower abdomen, and take a few more deep breaths to center your energy. Then, take that feeling of aliveness and groundedness with you into the rest of your day.

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